Sunday, January 9, 2011

CRAVE - Gluten Free Bakery: Delicious Delights for those allergic to Wheat / Gluten

GREETINGS!! Thank you for coming to our website. I am a gluten free bakery owner. I've been baking solely gluten free for over seven years due to being diagnosed with Celiac Disease about 8 years ago. I suffered all my life with lactose problems and later when I was 16 years of age fell very ill with Crohn's disease and IBS.

When not showing any improvement, I finally took some advice from a dear friend and had my allergies tested. After three failed attempts at a blood test, I was told that "gluten" had to be present in the blood stream to test positive to a gluten allergy. Sure enough I was diagnosed with not only Celiac and a wheat allergy but I also had a skin allergy to it as well.

As I detoxed my body to healing, I found frustration and an emotional journey to finding satisfyingly "gluten free" foods only aggravating and disheartening. That's when I began switching my existing love for baking over to gluten free. After three years of trial and error I discovered my perfect mix! YAY!!! I have been baking for children and adults ever since.

Not only do I specialize in "gluten free" bake goods, but I also make foods to easily travel with and freeze so that EVERYONE has their "comfort" and CRAVINGS met when they go to a party, restaurant or anywhere you CRAVE! In addition to baking I provide counseling based on my own struggle to find satisfaction to transferring your life over to becoming gluten free and a much stronger happier YOU!

Please don't hesitate to ask questions, e-mail me or even give me a quick call when out shopping for you or your family. Changing you or your family over to an allergy free or gluten free life style can be overwhelming and emotional, PLEASE don't feel alone, I've been there, contact me anytime! Let's get healthier TOGETHER!

Have a Blessed Gluten Free New Year!!


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